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rational_disco's Journal

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Rational Discourse
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Rational Discourse is a place for the discussion of ideas.


1. You don't have to argue to be welcome, unlike some debate forums--in fact, the more civil you can be in the discussion of your ideas, the better.

2. This is a place for ideas, period. If they are questions of philosophy, and everyone can argue about them, fabulous. If you want to let everyone know about that great idea you had for using up the rest of your acine de pepe, that's cool, too.

3. This forum will be mostly unmoderated. The owner is a rabid libertarian, but that doesn't mean that it's open season on socialists--very few things will get you kicked.

4. Do not post a single post more than once.

5. Do not flame the forum. If I find out that someone is doing something stupid, like repeatedly responding to one person's posts with excerpts from the same speech, my vengeance will be felt.

6. This rule is the Erica's Whim Rule. I do like to take a non-intervention stance, however, I also like arguing done on here to be semi-productive. If a member demonstrates that they are parroting the same argument again and again, without actually listening to any refutations, I will go to the other members of the community and see what I think should be done about it. I don't want to have to deal with stupid people who think it's cool to repeatedly make arguments that amount to, "you're stupid, I'm right, you're wrong." Oh, and that reminds me...

7. Ad hominem attacks will not be tolerated.

These rules work on a 5 strikes, you're out basis. I know that in any idea forum, you're going to get a little steamed and might resort to name calling once--and whatever. I just don't want habitual annoyances on this forum.

I have a great deal of trust in the kind of person who would become a member of this forum, and as such, I will listen to any thoughts on the rules and execution of them.

Fire away.

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